System Engineer – Motor Applications

Texas Instruments
May 3, 2020
Dallas, Texas
Job Type


This engineering position involves the development of embedded signal processing and control systems solutions for motor related applications. The job involves acquiring system expertise in a given application area, designing a system solution reference design (control algorithms, parameter estimation algorithms and data analytics for TI product portfolio: MCU, sensor AFE, etc), creating system simulations to demonstrate solution feasibility and constructing system prototypes to demonstrate functionality.  We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated, hard-working, results-oriented individual to contribute in an extremely talented team environment.

Responsibilities may include:

  • System Knowledge: develop and apply system expertise in a given application area and design solutions using TI silicon portfolio (MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, analog components, etc.)
  • Control Systems: develop advanced control systems, estimator/observer systems, analyze and verify control system stability and stability margins
  • Signal Processing: develop algorithms to estimate motor parameters from current sensors (e.g. resistors, hall effect, etc), voltage sensors (e.g. resistors), acceleration sensors (e.g. accelerometers), flux sensors (e.g. flux gate) and to intelligently incorporate sensor data into embedded motor control application areas
  • Hardware Design: Define AFE hardware requirements to interface sensor and gate driver signal paths to MCUs and work with board designers to develop prototype systems
  • Prototyping: develop a working prototype together with team members with TI portfolio:  MCU + AFE + sensors to demonstrate solutions which include production SW implementing the algorithms efficiently.
  • Verification: Provide complete system simulations to validate the viability of a given solution, analyze system performance to ensure that the solution meets/exceeds the requirements and perform system trade-off analysis
  • Collateral: provide self-contained package (documentation, simulations, software, hardware, test infrastructure) to ensure a smooth transition of given solution to business unit
  • Customer Interactions: work with business units to engage with customers, demonstrate system knowledge and provide system support
  • Networking: identify business units within the company that would benefit from systems knowledge/solutions developed in the group
  • Intellectual Property : Generate patents to protect TI position in the application areas
  • Emerging Technologies: monitor competitive landscape for performance benchmark relative to competition and find new applications/opportunities in the embedded analytics space using existing TI products or define future products.
  • Analyze competitor landscape and identify areas of differentiation for TI
  • Develop project plan, identify key milestones and develop time estimates for each milestone to complete the project
  • Follow SW module development process: develop module design document, develop module test plan, design SW according to coding standard, organize design reviews (e.g. algorithm, software), provide test results, provide module requirements (e.g. code size, MIPs), integrate module into existing SW frameworks
Minimum requirements:
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • 2 years of relevant experience
  • Strong understanding of analog/mixed-signal IC’s and their application
  • Experience promoting/marketing ICs and driving design wins by providing system solutions
  • Strong customer facing skills
  • Familiarity with lab equipment
  • System level circuit modeling with EDA tools, SPICE, Matlab

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Can provide HW/SW partitioning analysis for most efficient system implementation
  • Proven ability to develop real-time analog + MCU processor solution, which includes understanding of MCU HW architectures to configure necessary HW components needed to implement a given solution
  • Experience in debugging HW and SW and delivering a working prototype
  • Can work with others in a team and brainstorm potential solutions
  • Deliver solutions on-time with high quality
  • Follow SW framework/development flow and SW management tools such as Git.
  • Demonstrated strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in teams and collaborate effectively with people in different functions
  • Strong time management skills that enable on-time project delivery; Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment
  • Ability to take the initiative and drive for results

To be considered for this position, please apply.

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