Automotive Software Development Project Management

Renesas Electronics Corporation
January 15, 2020
Kodaira City, Japan
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【Role and Responsibility】

Managing multiple embedded software development projects for ADAS system-on-chip

  • Define the contents of development work by domestic and overseas software development teams and form consensus.
  • To carry out development, check the status by  meetings and reviews, and make adjustments and instructions when problems occur.
  • Confirm the deliverables of each development team.


ADAS technology that assists for driving a car  including obstacle detection and automatic driving are evolving. We are focusing ADAS area and are developing the R-Car system on chip (SoC) series. Targeted ADAS systems are becoming more diversified and complex, and in addition to the development of SoC models, it is required to integrate various embedded software in SoCs with stable quality and provide them to customers in a timely manner. Therefore, while controlling multiple software development teams in Japan and overseas, we will accurately grasp the situation and deal with problems, whether the system with the desired functions and performance is being developed within the scheduled date and budget. There is an urgent need to strengthen our business, and we are looking for talented personnel with useful work experience.

Required Skills and Work Experience】


  • Management experience of software development projects
  • Software development experience based on software development process definition such as CMMI/Automotive SPICE


  • Basic knowledge of project management (PMBOK, etc.)
  •  Embedded software development

【Required Language Skills】

[English]  business level(TOEIC Score around 700)

[Japanese] Business Communication level


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